“Electronics and Communication Engineering” is one of the fastest growing field of engineering courses. It involves the transmission of information across the channel. The Department of ECE was established in 2004 with an intake of 60 students in the UG program . The intake was enhanced to 120 students in 2007, 180 students in 2011 and 240 students from 2012 .

“Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with the electronic devices and software applications. It is an interface of chip l The microprocessors, mother boards, picture tubes, LED, LCD, etc. are various electronic items, and you know about the impact they have created on billions of people and world’s economy. You can be a part of this huge niche by getting into ECE at the engineering level.Apart from the electronics, you also have communications in this engineering. It is important in industries like telecommunications, posts & telegraph, defense, etc. The communications department is very crucial for important aspects, like country protection, etc.

What does an Electronics & Communication Engineer do?

All of the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles etc. are designed and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers
-Design and maintain satellites, which bring TV, telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions.
-ECE Engineers also creates advanced communication facilities like video conferencing which bring people together from all over the world.
-Develops programs for various control and communication systems.

By pursing ECE ,you can get some coolest jobs ever:

• Design and develop satellites.
• Use nanotechnology to create the smallest of the electronic items, albeit with superior performance.
• Get into robotics, and de sign your own robot.As we look into future, robots will also be part of our lives very soon and embedded electronics which is a sub branch of electronics play an important role in this. All of this makes ECE an interesting field to study and work.